Gruipeda Panin and Avram, 1962

JUNIOR SYNONYM(S): Trisauropodiscus

DESCRIPTION: Anisodactyl track with an angle of divarication less than 140 degrees. Angle of divarication of digits I–II is smaller than IV–I. No webbing. Digits have pad impressions with digit I and II having two, digit III having three and digit IV having four.

BEHAVIOR(S): Repichnia

ENVIRONMENTAL SETTINGS: Water-margin environment

POSSIBLE TRACEMAKERS: Plover-like birds (Charadriiformes).

GEOLOGIC RANGE: Upper Cretaceous–Pliocene

ADDITIONAL REFERENCES: Emended by De Valais and Melchor, 2008. Remeika, 2001; Fiorillo et al., 2010