Zoophycos Massalongo, 1855

DESCRIPTION: Spreiten structures consisting of numerous distinct U-shaped, protrusive lobes of variable length, bordered by a marginal tunnel (i.e., causative burrow). Lobes coil spirally around a central axis, which may be a spreiten whorl structure.

BEHAVIOR(S): Fodinichina; feeding burrows of deposit feeders.

ENVIRONMENTAL SETTINGS: Shallow to deep marine

POSSIBLE TRACEMAKERS: Annelid worms, sipunculids, arthropods.

GEOLOGIC RANGE: Cambrian-recent

ADDITIONAL REFERENCES: Książkiewicz 1977, Uchman, 1995, 1999, Oligmueller and Hasiotis 2022.

REMARKS: Found in the shallow-water deposits during the Paleozoic; found mostly in deep-water deposits after the Paleozoic.