Monocraterion Torell, 1870

DESCRIPTION: Vertical funnel structure (simple or multiple) penetrated by a central straight or slightly curved (unbranched), plugged tube. Appears as a series of concentric rings in transverse section, usually 1-4 cm in diameter.

BEHAVIOR(S): Dwelling, deposit feeding.

ENVIRONMENTAL SETTINGS: Fully marine; shallow water settings, and rarely deep water.

POSSIBLE TRACEMAKERS: Marine worms or worm-like organisms.

GEOLOGIC RANGE: Cambrian-recent

ADDITIONAL REFERENCES: Alpert, 1974; Häntzschel, 1975; Frey and Howard, 1985; Fillion and Pickerill, 1990; Jensen, 1997

REMARKS: Frey and Howard (1985) suggested that Monocraterion should be viewed as an ichnospecies of Skolithos; however, multiple authors (e.g., Alpert, 1974; Fillion and Pickerill, 1990; Jensen, 1997) consider the funnel-shaped morphology as distinct and characteristic of a separate ichnogenus. Eroded specimens of Monocraterion maybe diagnosed as specimens of Skolithos, while from upper bedding plane views, specimens may be diagnosed as Rosselia and/or Laevicyclus (Fillion and Pickerill, 1990; Jensen, 1997).

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