Diplocraterion (Torell, 1870)

DESCRIPTION: Vertical, U-shaped burrow with spreiten; has arms that are parallel or divergent. Top of burrow forms a relatively wide semispherical bulb or dumbbell shape; tube can be indicative of protrusive (downward movement) or retrusive (upward movement) burrowing relative to the position of spreiten.

BEHAVIOR(S): Dwelling (domichnia) burrow of a suspension feeder.

ENVIRONMENTAL SETTINGS: Marine intertidal and shallow subtidal environments and in deep-water environments, such as fans and distal shelves.

POSSIBLE TRACEMAKERS: Crustaceans, shrimp

GEOLOGIC RANGE: Cambrian-recent

ADDITIONAL REFERENCES: Emended by F¸«ärsich, 1974b. F¸«ärsich, 1974a; Fillion and Pickerill, 1990.