Chelichnus Jardine, 1850

JUNIOR SYNONYM(S): Agostopus, Barypodus, Dolichopodus, Harpagichnus, Laoporus, Palaeopus

DESCRIPTION: Manus and pes are rounded and nearly equal in size. Manus is slightly smaller and more digitigrate than the pes. Manus and pes has five digits though three to four digits are more commonly preserved. Digits are usually separated from the sole. Digits I–IV directed anteriorly compared to the laterally directed digit V. Digits I–IV also have a low angle of divarication. Manus and pes impressions are close if not overlapping. Pes has a pace angle of 90 degrees relative to trackway.

BEHAVIOR(S): Repichnia

ENVIRONMENTAL SETTINGS: Continental; terrestrial



ADDITIONAL REFERENCES: Emended by McKeever and Haubold 1996. Krapovickas et al., 2010, Lockley, 2011, da Silva et al., 2012

REMARKS: Mckeever and Haubold (1996) believe that Palmichnus and Phalangichnus should be Jr. Syn to Chelichnus but Ptaszynski and Niedzwiedzki (2004) disagree.

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