Saurexallopus Harris, 1997


DESCRIPTION: Tetradactyl track with slender digits. Hallux (digit I) is prominent and extends postero-medially to medially relative to track. Digit I–IV pad impressions are 2, 2, 3, ?4. Digit IV is connected to the metapodial proximally as opposed to digit II which connects distally. Metapodial impressions are slightly asymmetrical and subtriangular. The anterior apex of the metapodial impressions converge in the proximal region of digit III. Narrow trackway with a short stride length.

BEHAVIOR(S): Repichnia

ENVIRONMENTAL SETTINGS: Continental; terrestrial

POSSIBLE TRACEMAKERS: Unknown. Closest trace maker that is likely to produce it would be either a bird or an ornithomimid dinosaur. However, the hallux impression possibly eliminates an ornithomimid as the trace maker.

GEOLOGIC RANGE: Upper Cretaceous

ADDITIONAL REFERENCES: Emended by Lockley et al. 2004. Fiorilloa and Adams, 2012


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