Skolithos : (Haldemann, 1840)

DESCRIPTION: Straight vertical to slightly inclined cylindrical tube burrows. Burrows are parallel, do not branch, cross, nor interpenetrate. Walls of burrow are smooth with structureless fill. Can be slightly J-shaped.

BEHAVIOR(S): Dwelling, suspension feeding, predation.

ENVIRONMENTAL SETTINGS: Found in virtually every type of environment from marine to terrestrial Present in high-energy marine conditions, especially in nearshore shallow marine facies, deep marine submarine channels and canyons; continental floodplain and dune settings.

POSSIBLE TRACEMAKERS: Worms, phoronids, and insect larvae. Arthropods, small vertebrates.

GEOLOGIC RANGE: Precambrian-recent.

ADDITIONAL REFERENCES: (Emended: Alpert, 1974)(Fillion and Pickerill, 1990)

REMARKS: Galleries containing images of occurrences of sub-fossil cave bear (Ursus spelaeus) hybernation ditches associated with pentastriate claw marks on the walls, tracks on the floor, or polished sections of the cave wall due to the bear's fur rubbing against the wall when negotiating deeper into the cave‚Äč can be found here and here. Links open in new tab/window.

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